Before implementing the project “Ignalina and Daugavpils against Poverty and Social Exclusion” The Virgin Mary parish in Ignalina had an unused 158 sq. meters of building. In these premises, it was planned to equip the youth day center with project funds. The purpose of this youth center is to give young people the opportunity to participate in social exclusion by self-expression, cooperation and other creative activities.

The following works were planned to implement this project:

  • Roof repair;
  • New windows;
  • New doors;
  • Electrical system repair;
  • Heating system repair;
  • Repair of water supply system;
  • Floor renovation;
  • Border restructuring;

EUR 50624 was earmarked for this work.

We would like to welcome the fact that all planned repairs have already been completed and the building is fully repaired. There is already a youth day center activity in the building. Volunteers work. Featuring a charitable dining room.

Here are some photos of how the building looked like a repair and how it looks now.

Before the renovation:


After the renovation: